The Straw Bale Classroom

The Straw-Bale Classroom project at Riverbourne Farm in Laverstock, Salisbury is a great example of ecobuilding. Using a straw bale construction with lime render and wooden shingle roof tiles this project aims to provide an environmentally sound space for use by schools and as a meeting room. Although for us quite a small project we were proud to be associated with it.

We provided simple lighting for the build, using T5 Fluorescent tubes. Why T5 tubes? Well, they are actually quite energy-efficient and as the building was very much on a budget they were ideal. With life length of tubes continuing to rise and electronic ballasts to remove the flicker associated with old fluorescent tubes they provide an excellent budget solution.

We installed 9 x twin 4′ battens with prismatic diffusers giving a good even light through the building. Here is a comparison to using cheaper and less efficient T8 fittings which many electricians will still install as a matter of course:



This equated to a saving of 0.342T of Carbon per year. It might not sound a lot but don’t forget this is a one room building, this same saving translated across an office block would result in a significant reduction of emissions and energy costs.

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