Office Lighting at Dentons Directories

During the early part of October 2012 Buckland Energy Projects installed replacement lighting and lighting

controls in to the office of Denton Directories in Westbury, Wiltshire. The office lighting primarily consisted of T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes in 4 tube luminaires. Although the staff at Dentons have been well trained to turn lights off this wasn’t always possible – the vast majority of lights on floor 3 were controlled through just 2 switches for example.

Buckland Energy specified replacement of these tubes with the Hyperion HT8, an easily installed replacement using the existing fittings to upgrade to T5 tubes – saving a great deal of cost and wastage replacing the whole luminaire. The Hyperion HT8 is designed with a built in reflector and 840 coloured T5 tube to ensure that light levels are at least that of the T8 or T12 being replaced.



We added to this installation with CP Electronics motion and light level sensors to ensure that only occupied areas were lit and then only when the ambient light level was too low. Dentons are lucky enough to have a lot of large windows in their offices which provide more that adequate light for much of the time so we were able to take advantage of this and ensure that wasteful usage of the electrical lighting was eliminated.

Before and after measurements were taken of power usage revealing that the power used by the 4ft fluorescent trays was reduced by up to 67%, we saw a typical reduction of 50% usage in 2ft trays. In addition to this we predict up to 60% further savings in the areas that have been installed with presence and lux level detection.

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