Wiltshire Production Facility

Buckland Energy have now completed the design phase and had our design accepted at a production facility in Salisbury. The company are looking for improved lighting while reducing their energy costs as much as possible. We have recommended that 150W induction lights are installed to replace the existing 250W HID currently in place. This decision was taken after we completed a lighting survey of the site and completed a design using DIALux to check that we would achieve the desired light levels.

Following the delivery of our design proposals we were asked to install six lights as a trial, our induction lighting was then compared with a rival LED solution which was also undergoing a trial. Following the trial period it was announced that we had been successful in winning the contract over the LED option.



Below is a table detailing the energy savings that will be made once the installation is complete on the project:

This saving will result in a reduction of carbon emission of 92.5T per year. Making a significant saving of over 50% on the companies electricity bills.

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